File:Containment Chris Woods ("Jake") Interview - NYCC 2015

Technically it's Major Jake Riley

Jake Riley

Major Jake Zachary Riley, is a main character of the series Containment.


Jake Riley is a former renegade turned Officer with the Atlanta Police Department.

After taking the job, Jake finds himself trapped inside the cordon area with his seven year old daughter, Rose Riley. His first instinct is to save himself, however, he finds his daughter who is in need of him when the outbreak turns deadly.

Physical Appearance

Jake is tall with short brown hair and blue eyes. He has a close cropped beard and stubble across his upper lip. He is slim with a muscular build.


Jake is very independent. After the death of his mother, he has become very angry. After finding out that his daughter has become infected with the outbreak he has developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).


  • Jake is located inside the Cordon when the outbreak occurs.
  • Jake's character was changed from Police Officer to Detective and then back to Police Officer prior to the series pickup.
  • Jake's mother died when he was young.
  • Jake used to play baseball and he and his team were "district champs".